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Loo Tours
  • A London walking tour with a difference. The history of the toilet
  • A London walking tour with a difference. The history of the toilet
  • A London walking tour with a difference. The history of the toilet

Who would have thought that embarking on a three hour walking tour around London and immersing oneself in the rich history of public toilets would be conducive to a good time. Indeed it is, and for only £12 (£10 concessions), Rachel’s three-hour tour every Saturday and Tuesday afternoon will take you on highlights such as London’s poshest loo and Victorian Urine deflectors as well as a few pub visits along the way. Our particular favourite was finding out about the ‘Community Toilet Scheme’, a scheme where the government pay certain places to let the public use their toilet! Shame hardly anyone knows about this, but now you do with the full list here of places who can’t tell you ‘It’s customers only’.

How did such an idea come to fruition? Well, as an American student back in 2011, little cash yet a curious mind got Rachel discovering London town on foot. Whilst initially she looked into doing Shakespeare tours (her other favourite pass-time), her unusual penchant for loo tours got the better of her. After some light encouragement from a friend, researching more and more about overlooked yet very important topics – loos, sanitisation, and history – made way for the fun, cheap and unique tour of London Loos.

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